1. Top cover
"Wirtualne modelarstwo" ("Virtual modeling") it's a free e-book, published on the Creative Commons license. Actually, it is in Polish, only. The reader can learn here, how to build exact airplane model using Blender, GIMP and Inkscape. No previous experience in this software is required. Its goal is to encourage the traditional modellers to drop their plastic kits and try Blender. In subsequent chapters this book shows, how to build a P-40B model. The ultimate result is shown on the picture [2].
2. The model, described in this book

The first edition of this book was finished on February 2011. It contains over 3600 pictures an counts 1112 pages. (The reason for such "thickness" of the book is the number of the images. These pictures are integral part of this publication).

This is an "WYSIWYG book": it literally explains, how to get the effect, visible on the picture. No less, no more. It does not omit anything!

See abstract of this book in English

Actual version (in Polish) of the book you can download from here: WM.pdf (version 1.0, size: 63 MB).
Here is enhanced file with pictures of higher resolution, outline window, and active cross-references: WM-HD.pdf (version 1.0, size: 114 MB).
Notice: the links above are just the addresses of the PDF files. To save on your disk, click them with right mouse button. Then, from the context menu, choose Save target as... command.

Additional files:

  • p40.zip (40 MB): *.blend files, with subsequent stages of P-40 model (one per each section of the book);
  • textures1.zip (80 MB): texture files (*.xcf, *.svg, *.png), for the Chapter 6 (sections 6.01-6.10);
  • textures2.zip (72 MB): texture files for the Chapter 6 (sections 6.11,6.12);
  • textures3.zip (87 MB): texture files for the Chapter 7 and 8;
  • la5.zip (10 MB): *.blend file, used in Chapter 3 (an introduction to Blender);
  • source.zip (16 MB): all other stuff, used in this book: Blendera plugins, scraps of P-40's original blueprints, etc.
  • optional.zip (9 MB): optional files - exmaples of HDR panoramas, etc.
  • Use the files listed above for the 1st edition of this book, only! Each edition of the book has its own file set. The appropriate address for downloads is specified on the first page of Chapter 1 (in every edition and every excerpt). To avoid problems with various file versions, always use the address from your book.

    This book uses Blender version 2.4x. I started it with 2.47, finished in 2.49 (in 2011). For the current version of this publication, see this page.