I have used Blender for many years. When I find that it is missing a certain functionality, I am writing a plugin that provides this feature. Some of them are no longer needed, because in the later releases their functionality was added to the standard program. This page shows the tools I have found useful for the current Blender version (2.7).

If you do not know how to install a Blender add-on, here is a description how to add them to your Blender environment.

At this moment I do not use any special GIMP or Inkscape add-ons.


Calculates the intersection of two selected meshes. Connects its points, as the vertices into new edge, and places this result into active object’s mesh. They form a new vertex loop, accessible in the Edit mode. Click here, or on the picture, to read more or download object_intersection.py file.

Vertex Tools

Part of the popular Geom Tools utilites, ported to Blender 2.5. Click here, or on the picture, to read more or download mesh_vertex_tools.py file.

Deforming multiple objects with a mesh

This add-on will allow you to easily modify the shape of multiple objects using a single helper mesh. (It creates and controls a group of Mesh Deform modifiers). Click here, or on the picture, to read more or download the object_mdeform.py file.

Posing an airplane

A solution for easy controlling the undercarriage, control surfaces, and other movable parts in an airplane model. Click here, or on the picture, to read more about it.

Python IDE for Blender

If you would like to write your own Blender scripts – I recommend an Open Source solution, based on popular Eclipse editor, with PyDev extension. It has autocompletion feature for nearly all Blender API classes, and an remote, GUI-based debugger. It can trace even the Blender add-ons! I have written a book about programming add-ons for Blender, with Eclipse.

Many years ago, in 2007, I have written a tutorial about SPE and Winpdb, used as IDE for Blender 2.4x. Currently, both of these old tools does not support Python 3.0, so I have had to propose a new solution for the new Blender releases.

Deprecated stuff

Finally, here you will find some deprecated older materials for the previous Blender versions (2.4, 2.5, ...).