At this moment I can present you my two models, and an "universal" pilot.

La-5 (Ла-5)

I have selected this fighter for my first model because it has small number of outer details, especially of riveted metal panels. When I had started, in 2006, I did not know if the texturing is difficult, and what kind of obstacles I will find during this process. I have chosen La-5 to ensure, that the model can be finished, anyway.

Of course, there are plenty of details inside the cockpit – but it is a different story. I already had some experience, when I started to model these small parts.

This model, together with the pilot, has about 500,000 faces. It is very detailed, and not useful for the games!

Nearly 30 years ago I had selected the same type to be my first model, built from the scratch (just from the scale drawings – see details about my old projects). I had choosen it because of the same reason – low number of details.

See the more of La-5...

Curtiss P-40B

I have finished another model: P-40B. The progress of the work was slow, because every step is documented in a free e-book "Wirtualne modelarstwo" ("Virtual modeling").

You may use this model as the base for your airplane in any flight simulator (Flight Gear, x-plane, etc.). I just require that your model should be free (non-commercial), and in a comment you should mention, that it was based on my work.

See more details about P-40B

An USAAC pilot

The "side effect" of other projects - an universal (for the USAAC/USAAF machines, at least!) model of a pilot. Import it into your cockpit!

It is so simple, that you can use it also in your commerical work (IDNC - "I do not care" license!)

See more details about the model of this pilot