This P-40B is my second, "exemplary" work. Its creation is described in the "Virtual Airplane" book. I will use similar methods and conventions in my future models.
Creative Commons License
This P-40B is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Download file (39 MB)

It contains a single p40b.blend file, tested with Blender 2.69. All the necessary images are packed inside.

Here you can also download a zip file with the model for Blender 2.49 (22 MB). It contains a directory with two background pictures, and the Blender model (in Blender 2.49 background images cannot be packed into file). It was published under Blender Artistic License (see
Another shot of the same model, this time in different camouflage, above clouds (background photo: credits to Tomo Yun at
Download file (32 MB)

It contains a single p40b-1.blend file, tested with Blender 2.70. All the neccessary images are packed inside.
If you do not know Blender yet, read this free introduction. You will learn its UI, navigation in the 3D scene space, and basic object manipulation.