This complete model of the La-5F is available under Blender Artistic License (see It contains one picture, used for the pilot's face, which comes from the original NaN collection. (I have preserved their inscription at its corner).

Download file (11 MB)

It contains a single la5.blend file, tested with Blender 2.74. All the necessary images are packed inside. See the description of its structure, which is a kind of a guide to this model.

La-5 was my first model. I had tried many solutions on it. Because of these trials, it contains many texture images, instead a single, large, one. There is a separate image for every cowling panel, and a dozen pictures for 15 parts of the body! Now I know, that it is unusual, but forgive me - I did my later models better.

Here you can download an older version tested in Blender 2.46, in 2008 (some corrections were required). It contains a directory with two background pictures, and the Blender model. All the texture images are packed inside. This file is larger (19MB), because the model is standing here on a grassy airfield. (The particle system that recreates the grass increases the file size).

If you do not know Blender yet, read this free introduction. You will learn its UI, navigation in the 3D scene space, and basic object manipulation.