On this page I have grouped all links to the items, which can be downloaded from other pages of this site. Just to find them easier.

Blender Models

La-5 model

P-40B model

An USAAC pilot model

Blender add-ons

Intersection (the new version of the Cross Section script for Blender 2.4x)

Handle Panel (the new version of the old script for Blender 2.4x. The control panels are placed in the Properties editor, Scene tab)

Vertex Tools (a part of the popular Geom Tools Blender 2.4 script, ported to Blender 2.5)

Books and other materials

e-book: Introduction to Blender 3D. (This is an excerpt from the complete guide);

e-book: "Programming Add-Ons for Blender 2.5" (written for one of the previous Blender versions, but still useful introduction to Blender API);

Svgtex - Blender 2.4x plugin for vector textures (its open source code contains a fast SVG renderer, written in the C++);

F-4E "Phantom II" scale drawings (my drawings, from 1988 - just for the curious readers);

Deprecated Blender (2.5, 2.6) add-ons

Bevel (replaced by the standard Blender 2.6 command)

Knife (this script was written by chromoly, not me. Like the Bevel add-on, it implemented another feature missing in Blender 2.5. The standard Knife command was reintroduced in Blender 2.6)

Deprecated Blender (2.4) Scripts

Align View (Blender 2.4 lacked this command).

Cross Section

Handle Panel